My wife Donna and I have a Winnebago 2009 Chalet RV. In the summertime we go around Canada, NY, PA and east coast. Last August we camped at Roaring Run Resort in Champion, PA for a few days. We got a call from one of their sales folks about a free tour and camping deal, thatís how we first heard of them. It is our first park where we have bought a private membership.

Roaring Run Resort is in the laurel highlands region of PA, which is a nice area if you like outdoor sing, camping, kayak, you name it. Other nice resorts in the area are Mountain Pines and Laurel Highlands Campland.

Youíll see a lot of kids at Roaring Run Resort, probably more so in the summer when schools out, so you have to family-oriented instead of private-oriented. The pool is large like an Olympic pool, fenced in and around the pool. Around the pool youíre surrounded by the mountains, large pine trees, and then a slope up the hill to where the RV spots and campsites are.

We took off for lunch and dinner, and stayed for one dinner. The resort had a deal for about five bucks, like a cookout with burgers, side dishes, dessert. Seemed to be the most popular event of the weekend. Had lunch another day at Four Seasons Brewing Company in Latrobe. We toured the Frank Lloyd Wright house, which is nearby, too.

I would say that Roaring Run Resort might be for you if you RV enough for the membership to be worth it. For us, itís yes.