I have a like new Custom CalMark Sunbrella cover for sale that was used only this past winter for a Open Range 359FKS TT. We wanted a quality cover for our trailer that could be used year round and remain breathable and water repellent. Many of the cheap covers had limited warranties and really weren't all that breathable, so while you may have protected your RV from the elements, you ended up with a mold or mildew issue. The CalMark covers are pricey but worth every penny in the long haul. The cover is approx. 6 months old and does not have any holes, tears, wear spots,etc. We have sold our Open Range TT and now are waiting to pick up our new Crossroads Rushmore Washington 5th wheel so we no longer need the CalMark cover. This means we will take a huge loss on this cover, but it also means someone will get an incredible cover at a great price. This cover came with a 6 year warranty.