I would like to see a section on "Camping Health and Fitness". I have been working out and getting back into running and know there are many topics where members of the site would benefit.

Some of my thoughts:

1. Vacinations (what should you get?)
2. Trails near campsites
3. Fire safety at the campsite
4. Wild animals "How to interact with"
5. How to prevent temperature related illness
6. Kayaking hot spots
7. Bicycling near the campsite

This is just a small list of things i think would qualify for a topic that could be expanded upon. I have posted a poll here to see what the interest is. We will see the poll results and see what the owners think. Feel free to post your reponse to what you think of this here.I know we could all learn a thing or two from eachother about health, fitness and safety....trust me i was burnt from a flaming marshmallow.
Camping Health, Fitness, and Safety
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