Looking good....

Posted by: RBfromHPA

Looking good.... - 09/28/09 05:01 PM

hey guys...first day here and it looks like the kindling is being gathered for a great site. CONGRATS again on taking the plunge.

ALso, I hate my screenanme...I need to think of a camping one, you know like we were discussing at Cresson. :toast

Hope you are enjoying it so far.

Posted by: CampingPA Ranger

Re: Looking good.... - 09/28/09 05:04 PM

Hey there RB... Great to see you made it in for a visit!

Good to hear from ya, Hope the family is doing well!

You will have to come up with a good one... Put your thinking cap on!

Looking forward to camping next spring if we can get together!

Thanks again for stopping by, and tell all we say :wave !
Posted by: Crash

Re: Looking good.... - 09/28/09 05:36 PM

welcome aboard
Posted by: Washpa Randy

Re: Looking good.... - 09/28/09 08:13 PM

RB, welcome to the site. Hey, now there's a site you can cause a little trouble on!
Posted by: WiLd FlOwEr

Re: Looking good.... - 09/28/09 08:18 PM

Hey Rooster, glad to hear from you!! hows the family!! The kid's pictures look great!
I have been thinking of some names for you!!!! Morning Star, Stoneycreek, Lauralwoods, Rockyroad, Maplecrest... okay... so they sounded better in my head :dunno
Posted by: Blazin Marshmallow

Re: Looking good.... - 09/28/09 10:16 PM

how about TheRoosterCrows! haha welcome to the site, look forward to having fun here as we do on HPA!
Posted by: BcozHunter

Re: Looking good.... - 09/29/09 04:13 AM

Welcome to the camp, RB!
Posted by: campinfamily

Re: Looking good.... - 09/29/09 08:28 AM

Welcome RB
Posted by: Crash

Re: Looking good.... - 09/30/09 03:31 PM

blazin has a chart in another post that may help you pick a new screen name. i dont think i'd recommend using it, but to each his own
Posted by: Blazin Marshmallow

Re: Looking good.... - 09/30/09 06:55 PM

what is your name from the chart crasher?
Posted by: Crash

Re: Looking good.... - 09/30/09 07:20 PM

i never checked