Tent For Sale

Posted by: CampingPA Ranger

Tent For Sale - 09/17/09 12:26 PM

Hey Guys and Gals:

Was going through the garage...

Found our old two room tent...

It is in good shape, has a small canopy over the front to keep rain off the door.

It is big... probably 12 x 14 or so...

Anyone interested... PM me and I will let her go.

Asking $50 for it... Needs tent pags though...
Posted by: ArchibaldBarasol

Re: Tent For Sale - 09/17/09 02:43 PM

I don't need a tent but I do have a large bag of pags for sale.
Posted by: Blazin Marshmallow

Re: Tent For Sale - 04/27/10 10:01 PM

Tom, what is the status of this tent? did you sell her? still looking at 50.00 ? or less by now? deflation?

Posted by: CampingPA Ranger

Re: Tent For Sale - 04/28/10 09:24 AM

Nope Sorry ! Its gone now bud !

Deflation ?

What do you think this is, an Air Mattress ? rofl

Good luck finding one...

Posted by: HappyCamper2

Re: Tent For Sale - 06/30/13 11:28 AM

LOL.....that's funny