rv fridge

Posted by: Grizzly Girl

rv fridge - 05/29/13 05:13 PM

Ok I think while we were camping this past week we lost our fridge all of a sudden everything started to get warm. We can still hear it running on both gas and electric but its not getting cold. We didn't have any strange smell come from the fridge is there something we are able to check on our end to see if an unit of it went or are we just going to be out of luck with the fridge. Any kind of advice would greatly be appreciated
Posted by: HappyCamper2

Re: rv fridge - 05/29/13 06:08 PM

Hm, interesting....hope you get it resolved!
Posted by: mikhen

Re: rv fridge - 05/29/13 06:17 PM

Seems like that was a common problem this past weekend. Read a few posts on Lerch's FB concerning this.

Is it possible you knocked the plastic slider/ temp control out of place in the fridge?
Posted by: rich

Re: rv fridge - 05/29/13 09:42 PM

It was cold enough last weekend you didn't need a fridge lmao on a serious note mikhen makes a good point,my control board had went bad on my fridge but I don't remember if it ran at all then.
Posted by: sorefoot

Re: rv fridge - 05/29/13 10:37 PM

check all filters, vents and coils are clean.google rv refrigerator repair. there is alot of howto info there.yahoo has a bunch of vidios showing you how to check for problems.
Posted by: Grizzly Girl

Re: rv fridge - 05/30/13 05:47 AM

I will check out some video's thanks for the input guys. I know took it out yesterday so we are able to get to everything in the back last night so hopefully we can get something figured out. I really don't want to have to buy another one already.
Posted by: Lerch RV

Re: rv fridge - 05/30/13 12:06 PM

First make sure the GFI outlet/fuses are not trip/blown. Make sure there is not yellow staining/ammonia smell. Sometime something as small as a spider web can make your refer and hot water heater inoperable. If your circuit/control board is out, that is a relatively easy fix. You can always remove the board and bring it to us, we can bench test the board to determine if that would be the cause.
Posted by: mikhen

Re: rv fridge - 05/30/13 01:40 PM

If all else fails, time for a new camper. pepper
Posted by: sorefoot

Re: rv fridge - 05/30/13 09:34 PM

since you have it out I would take it to a trusted dealer and get it check by a pro.I reread your post and agree with Lerch,it may be a circuit board problem.
Posted by: sorefoot

Re: rv fridge - 06/06/13 10:44 AM

Did you find the problem yet?
Posted by: Grizzly Girl

Re: rv fridge - 06/06/13 02:11 PM

so far we took it out and still could not get it work. Hubby was given an advice of laying it on the side since we had no smell. But if that does not work we was given one that only needed a control panel for it to work. So at least we have a back up now. Me personally I would like to have the one that we put the control panel in so that it is an auto refrigerator. LOL Plus it is a little bigger.